Phoenix Cultural and Community Organisation

Phoenix is a new voluntary organisation dedicated to promoting cultural and community activities in Somers Town and to preserving and enhancing the venues and facilities for such activity.

Donations by users and supporters support the upkeep of The Function Room and projects initiated by PCCO such as The Knowledge of the Cock Tavern, an oral history.

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Remembering the indefatigable Father Basil Jellicoe (1899-1935), to whom Somers Town owes such a lot, The Revd Dr Angus Ritchie spoke of how “the work of community organising ... in the spirit of Jellicoe” is distinguished by “its commitment to valuing and listening to local people; in its invitation and its challenge to those with wealth and status and in its realism – its willingness to engage with the world as it is and not simply to dream of the world as it should be.” (Magdalen College, Oxford, 2011)

Our work follows in this spirit and, like Fr Jellicoe and his fellow campaigner, social-reformer and doyenne of Somers Town, Edith Neville, recognises the importance of the pub as a social hub and community venue.
The Cock Tavern, where we are based, is the last remaining local pub in Somers Town. It was rebuilt as part of a pioneering social housing project designed by the architect George Topham Forrest for the LCC in the 1920s and is now a listed building. The layout of the pub reflects the planners’ demand for space for non-alcoholic refreshment and community functions.

Since the beginning of 2014 we have renovated The Function Room and revitalised its programme. The space is now host to a variety of regular and occasional, cultural and community activities including, evening classes, lectures, screenings, reading groups, exhibitions, performances, as well meetings of community and workers’ groups.

Our work includes:

• Supporting the groups that use the venue by offering the facility free of charge, providing assistance with publicity and advice on the activities which are appropriate to the venue.

• Maintaining and enhancing the existing facilities.

• Curating the programme, in an active as well as responsive manner.

• Advocacy: including winning recognition for the importance of the venue as a cultural and community asset, networking with other cultural venues, liaising with the owners and local authorities about future development and major renovations.

• Research: recognising that the knowledge and the history of a community such as Somers Town’s is not to be found in libraries, we propose innovative methods of recording and reflecting this knowledge and history.


Address: c/o The Function Room, The Cock Tavern, 23 Phoenix Road, London NW1 1HB

Chief Executive: Anthony Auerbach

Board members: Vaughan Thomas, Sheila Gavigan

Aims of the organisation

1 organising and publicising cultural and community activities
2 preserving and enhancing venues and facilities for cultural and community activities
3 supporting and developing cultural and educational programmes
4 researching and recording the knowledge and history of the community

Cultural and community activities may include but are not limited to lectures, evening classes, reading groups, discussion groups, film screenings, exhibitions, performances, concerts, plays and social events.
The location of the activities and community is Somers Town, London.


The organisation consists of a Chief Executive and advisory board of at least two people.

The Chief Executive shall outline a programme in accordance with the aims of the organisation annually in writing, to be approved by the advisory board.

The Chief Executive shall be responsible for carrying out the approved programme including allocating money for expenses, contracting with artists, co-organisers, researchers, technical services, venues etc.

The Chief Executive shall report periodically in writing on specific activities or changes to the programme and present an annual report and accounts to the advisory board.

The Chief Executive shall provide programmatic and financial reports to funders as required.

Proposed changes to the constitution or to the advisory board should be submitted in writing to the Chief Executive and must be approved by the advisory board.

Financial conduct

The Chief executive is responsible for the financial conduct of the organisation.

Funds may be spent only in accordance with the approved plan. More than 50% of the income shall come from grants and donations. No cash transactions.

If the organisation is dissolved, remaining funds shall be disposed of in accordance with the conditions of any grants or donated to charitable organisations benefiting the cultural and community life of Somers Town.


The organisation does not at present offer membership, but may do so in the future.

The organisation is not at present incorporated as company or registered as a charity, but may be so in the future.

The organisation is committed to equal participation by men and women and does not allow discrimination on the basis of age, disability, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin, or community background.