33 Scenes by Anča Daučíková at The Function Room, London

Solo Show, 6-12 October 2014

33 Scenes by Anča Daučíková

Number, Place (date), Person(s), Situation, Notes. Long silence, 33 situations. After a pause, the voice begins again. MOSCOW (1982) ... Persons ... A visitor: woman, citizen of Czechoslovakia, 33 years old; she is staying in USSR because of a love affair with a Russian woman ... The visitor puts her CSSR passport on the table and says: “I’m coming to give up my citizenship. After 3 years of living here in Moscow I decided to stay here and become a citizen of the Soviet Union.” Long silence ... Number 15, the voice says: To avoid problems she is living in a sort of cladestinity. Independently of any specific situation she is concealing that she is a foreigner, immigrant, without permission to move, a woman, lesbian .... The voice notes that she feigns indifference and finding her mimicry works perfectly, enjoys it. 33 fragments of Soviet reality and exiled sexuality.

audio, 111 minutes, decoy object